Beaming: Can I set a preference for desired beaming on note input?

I am inputting 8th notes in 3/4 and I want them beamed in groups of two. On input, the six 8th notes are all beamed as one group.

Is there a preference setting so I can have so Dorico automatically created the beaming I want? (see attached image)

Check this setting in Notation Options:

Perfect! That solved it… Thanks so much!

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I can’t find a way in notation options to get beats 2 and 4 to show with 16th note subdivision in 4/4

I want the 3rd note in this bar to be 2 16th notes beamed together so beat 2 is showing:

CleanShot 2023-10-26 at 16.24.39

Try Notation Options>Note Grouping>Syncopation…

that’s it, thank you, Janus. Although, now it’s gonna also do it for 8th note - 1/4 note groups which I don’t want. Is there no way to set it separately for 8th and 16th notes?

Not that I know.

If this is a pattern that repeats a lot, consider using force duration to fix one bar as you want it, then copying the pattern and using lock duration (L) to repitch for other instances.

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got it :+1:

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