Beaming changes when copy and paste between projects

Hi there
I’ve just copied and pasted notation from one project to another (both Pro 5.0.10), and it has changed the beaming:
This is what I copied:
Dorico 1.pdf (7.7 KB)
This is how it pasted:
Dorico 2.pdf (7.1 KB)
I’ve checked the beaming and note-grouping settings, and it doesn’t happen if I copy and paste within the same project. Any suggestions?
Thanks Bertie

You could try using the Library Manager to transfer the exact settings from one project to the other.

Thanks - can you tell me how to do that?
It seems part of the problem is the second file was from an XML import, and I can’t even manually change the notation format back to the original.

Yeah, XML can be a devil. On second thought, it might not matter using the Library Manager. If both projects are displaying the beaming you want, but the beaming changes when you paste from one to the other, then there’s probably not much that the Library Manager will do. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to look I guess?

You can fix beaming problems by selecting the affected music and choosing Edit > Notations > Beaming > Reset Beaming. If you still don’t get the beam groups you expect, you need to change the settings for the current time signature, either by recreating the time signature with the beam groups you want, or editing the settings in Library > Notation Options.

Thanks - yes I understand all this, and have had no problems with note grouping and beaming in other files. It seems like in this case some setting was imported with the XML file and it won’t let me override it?
Even if I input the notes manually, with the library setting to break beams at beat boundaries as usual, it still bounces back to the dotted quaver pattern in the 2nd example.

Here is the actual file, maybe you can tell if there’s something I’ve missed? It’s the 1st bar of the bass.
Tebe Hautuk arrgmt2.dorico (1.2 MB)

Try changing the first open time signature to 4/4.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

To quickly do the same to the whole piece:

Select All
Edit > Filter > Time Signatures
(You might need to select some of them manually and delete them - particularly those at/after repeat barlines) - Cut might work better than Delete
Select first note and enter Time Signature of 4/4

Ah great thanks!
I hadn’t noticed that the XML had imported without a time signature attached - the original file was definitely 4/4, and I haven’t had that problem with other XML files I’ve imported.
Thanks again!