Beaming dotted-8ths and 16ths in groups of 4

I am entering music in 4/4 and the beaming is set to be 4 & 4 in the notation options but when I enter dotted-8th,16th,dotted-8th,16th the music breaks up by beats. When I look at the meter popover it shows 4/4 (q, 1+1+1+1) so I think it might have something to do with that, but I can’t see how to edit that to change to 4/4, 2+2. I need a 16th note pickup to start this flow, so I’ve entered my time signature initially in the meter popover by entering 4/4,.25 which gives me just what I want except the beaming.
When I try to enter a meter with different grouping I’m not able to specify a pickup so the music gets all messed up.
I’ve tried all the possible combinations I can think of in the Meter popover to get both a pickup and the beaming I want but it seems I can have one or the other, given my current skills with Dorico 4. I’ve read the relevant pages in the manual that I can find but I can find only pages which mention the pickup OR the pages which mention the beaming groups, but nothing discussing them together.
Thanks in advance for any help anybody can offer. It’s not that long a flow so if I have to do manual beaming I can manage it but I’m sure there’s something I’m missing.

You can do this is if you use a 2/2 meter signature. Start with 4/4, then in the second measure change to 2/2;you can then hide the 2/2 in the Properties panel. You’ll have to manually adjust the first bar, but that’s easy.
Is this what you want?

Thank you for that suggestion. It works great!
I’m hoping there’s an easier way, although that’s fairly easy. But how would I accomplish that with a 16th-note pickup and proper beaming in the first bar?

For the pickup enter 4/4,.25 as you did (it will show the 4/4), then in the first full bar enter and hide the 2/2 as above.

That’s what I’ve done, but I was hoping there was a one-stop method to not only get the pickup but also get the beaming correctly. I wonder why in 4/4 it’s not possible to get two beats’ worth of dotted-8th/16th rhythm beamed together?
At least I now have a great workaround, so I thank you both for your help!