Beaming groups

If I write something in split common time the grouping of semiquavers is always coming out as 8 semis plus 8 semis with a sort of secondary beam after the first 4 semis. Is there anyway to group them as 4 groups of 4 semis. If I change the time signature to Common time then they appear as semiquavers grouped in 4s. Hope that’s sort of clear! Ive tried altering beam groupings in settings but nothing seems to work. Many thanks

Notation options>Note grouping
And of course, choose the appropriate Notation options>Beam grouping.


Thanks for reply. I tried that but either i’m missing something but cannot find an option for split common groupings. (2/2). Ive managed to do it but ungrouping the entire bar then grouping sleeted notes but it gets a little tedious :-). Many thanks again.

In cur C, when I tick that and choose the appropriate beam grouping (each 4ter separated), I get the 16ths grouped in 4, just like in C.
What are you trying to achieve, if it’s not that?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve but obviously I’m missing something!

AHHHHHHHHHH. Sorted! I hadn’t ticked use Common time groupings in Cut Common box!!! Many thanks for your help! Sorry…I’m still fairly new to doric0 - having emigrated from Sibelius :slight_smile:

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Next time, I’ll do my red rectangle waaaaaay thicker :joy:


I was looking under beaming instead of note grouping!!! AH well…we can’t all be perfect :wink: Thanks again for your help. Take care.

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Yes, I understand that is unexpected (that is why I posted both the picture and the text). Maybe that setting could be replicated somewhere in Beam Grouping? (with some kind of note explaining it’s the same setting?)

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