Beaming help...PLEASE!

Hi guys, I would like MY note input beaming (Beam1.jpg)
to look like the original (Beam2.jpg).
BUT…in the “Notation Options”…we get the option to beam like that in a 4/4 but NOT 3/4! (Beam3.jpg)
IS there any way to force beam those 3 quavers in Beam1.jpg) to join together?

Thanks Chaps!

Select the first and the last note you want to beam together, right-click, Beaming, Beam together.

I’m pretty sure there’s an option for this in notation options too but I’m not in front of Dorico now so I can’t check.

In Notation Options - Beam Grouping - Beaming eighth note together in quarter note denominator time signature
click the second (right) option: Beam together a group of any size.
I think this should do what you want.


Unless you’re bound and determined to recreate an old engraving exactly, I’d leave it the way Dorico does it. The example you posted (Beam 2) is pretty archaic - it looks like a measure of 6/8. The more contemporary way of beaming 3/4 is to show the beats clearly.

Just my opinion…

One way could be to have 3/4 for the first bar and do the beaming manually there, then create a [6]/8 time signature in the second bar and hide it. With the right settings for beaming it should work, but you might run into other problems. I second that there should be a similar setting for 3/4 like the one for C.

None of the settings available solves your problem.

OK, thanks boys…your’e great!