Beaming, how to get this result? [solved]

Hello, I have a very simple question.
Please have a look at the second system.
After Note Input I get this:

I would like the beaming to be like this:

Is there a setting for this, or is there an easy procedure?
At the moment I

  1. untie,
  2. then I select the groups of semiquavers,
  3. then do a “beam together”,
  4. then redo the original ties.
    I guess there might be an easier way…

Specify [3]/8 as time signature.

I guess you have somehow defined different time signatures on the staves.

If you type [3]/8 in the M popover you get the beaming on the top staff. Typing 3/8 without the [ ] gives the middle staff beaming.

… or use Notation Options/Secondary Beam Groups

Thank you Rob, you are right!
I had the same time signature for all staves - I just happened to have fixed the top system before making the screenshot :wink:

As I am using Dorico Elements I don’t have Notation Options available, but your suggestion of using [3]/8 as meter gave me the desired beaming.
sample (429 KB)