Beaming in unmetered scores

One of the things I love about Dorico is the ability to notate unmetered music. I do have a request for future updates: would it be possible to indicate, perhaps in the Notations Setup panel, how one wishes beats/beat groups to be displayed? For instance, unmetered, but with the half note as a basic unit of pulse/grouping - or whatever the unit might be. I realize that unmetered often music does not always conform to this kind of set up, but I wonder if this would be possible to implement.

Of course, it is possible that I am missing a setting to do this, and my request has already been seen to.

I suggest you create a shortcut for Beam together (I chose cmd-b) and Break beaming (I chose alt-b) to make these operations very fast and efficient. I cannot imagine how the function you need could be implemented, since there could be as many needs as there are combinations…

Marc, Agreed. And a shortcut is probably my best option. I thought that the possibility of "beam four (or x)"eights together as a default might save time. In any case, there will always have to be manual beaming/breaking to make the score right. At least it can be done!

Ron, I definitely agree that we should make it possible to specify beat groupings in open meter, and we do plan to do this, though I can’t say when this will be, I’m afraid.

Not a priority - just asking Santa that it be considered. As it stands, it already many times easier than in Sibelius to do unmetered scores, so I can certainly wait. Thanks!

Same problem here: I have a section that is unmetered, but has a clear quarter note grouping. It’s essentially a meter of X/4. While keyboard shortcuts can help with beaming, they fail to do the deeper work Dorico is usually so good at of respelling rhythms to respect the meter.

Both better keyboard support for beaming and a “rhythm denominator” option in unmetered music would be welcome additions! (Assuming they haven’t been added in Dorico 3 and I missed them….)