Beaming into a bar repeat

Two questions concerning the functionality of ties and slurs:

  1. Is there currently any way to beam (tie or slur) into a bar repeat?

  2. On a more general level, is there any way to tie a note to an adjacent rest? (say I want to notate that a cymbal NOT be dampened or choked during the next rest)

  1. It’s an l.v. (Laissez vibrer). Check in the Properties Panel.

I think the L.V. ties are your best bet. By definition there wouldn’t be anything in a bar repeat so there’s nothing to “tie to”.

The l.v. ties are easy to switch backwards in engrave mode too.

I realize now that this is a bit of an “untruth” since in reality the bar repeat is actually representing notes, so in reality there is “music” in that bar, but the program has nothing to anchor to.

Would indeed be nice to have a “switch” for changing the tie’s direction.
Would be much quicker than tweaking it manually, especially when chords are involved:

There is. Select it, and the Direction toggle is in the “Ties” section of the Properties Panel. It works for regular ties and l.v. as well.

Hi Dan, thanks, but I would like to flip the l.v. ties position horizontally in order to fake ties to the chord in the bar before the repeat…