Beaming issues over two staves

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a piano part in an arrangement of Dvorak’s 9th. In a 4/4 bar, I would like to input an eighth note and sixteenth note in the left hand, followed by 3 sixteenth notes in the right hand and again a sixteenth note and eighth note in the left hand. This pattern is repeated over various chords.

For every two beats, I’d like to have it beamed together, yet I would like to only beam the sixteenth notes together in groups of two.

Furthermore, I would like to have no rests visible and have every beam above the notes instead of below.

Finally, I would like the score to display these notes in the same way as the piano part.

Although I manage to get some of these requirements, I do not seem to get all of these simultaneously. I realise that this problem is very hard to describe in words, so I added the file (I am talking about bar 89 onwards) and two screenshots to help clarify. Does anyone have some tips where to look?

Please note: I am still using Dorico 3.5, I yet have to upgrade.

All the best!
Pianopart which should resemble the score 1 on 1
Score, first bar is how I'd like, second is what I often get
2022-01-26 13-12-09_Example Dorico Forum Beaming issue.dorico (2.3 MB)

If you’ve input these phrases all on one staff (either the upper or lower) and crossed some notes to the other staff, that should work automatically.

Perhaps try resetting beaming and resetting stem directions. (Changing stem direction only affects the current layout unless your property scope is set to Globally.)

Here – reset beaming and stem directions, then beamed each half of the bar together. Silence playback template applied to make the file size smaller.

2022-01-26 13-12-09_Example Dorico Forum Beaming issue_LH.dorico (608.0 KB)

Thanks Lillie,

The file you’ve sent was not really how I intended it though. The resetting beaming was helpful, this beamed everything per beat. Then, I could select two beats and beam together. A mistake I previously made was to select two of the sixteenth notes and select split secondary beam, which would split the previous beam of both notes instead of one.

The only problem I am currently still facing is the fact that the score and piano part are still not equal even though I have set the property to globally. Do you know how I could make sure that these edits affect both the score and parts? I’ve attached how the score currently looks.
Current score appearance

Is that how you want both layouts to took in the end? It’s not clear what your desired end result is.

Note that the property scope affects subsequent actions, it doesn’t work retrospectively. So provided it’s set to “Globally” before you change the stem directions of any notes, doing so will affect all layouts in which those notes appear.

If you’ve changed something that only took effect locally, you can make it global after the fact by using Propagate Properties.

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Yes, sorry if I was unclear, but this is how I wanted it to be in both the score and parts.

I guess that I misunderstood the way the property system works. Now, if I put it on Globally first and then change the notes, I get the desired outcome.

Thanks for your help!