Beaming over rests in percussion staves

I’m working on a piece where the composer would like to beam quavers over two quavers.
I have acheived this for most instruments by forcing the duration of the intervening crothchet, changing this to 2 quavers, and then beaming the notes together.
This works beautifully on all the instruments in the band until I get to the percussion staves. In the example the lower three percussion parts are 1. A two line percussion stave with Snare Drum and Bass drum, 2. A single line percussion stave alternating between Hi-hat, Tambourine and Crash Cymbal, 3. Optional drum kit.
As you can see, it has worked with the concert band instruments, and the single line percussion stave, but not the drum kit or the 2 line percussion stave. In these cases I cannot force the duration of the crotchet in order to beam the quavers.
Is there a way I can do this?

Concert Band project beaming (455 KB)

This is a heinous workaround, but it works - I’ve “fixed” the bass drum in the attached file.

What I did was this:

  1. Created a new Notehead Set (called Rests) that contains a single notehead, used for quavers/eighths. Rather than having an actual notehead, I’ve substituted a quaver/eighth rest.
  2. Added two quavers in place of the original crotchet/quarter rest.
  3. Selected them, right-clicked, changed the notehead to my new “Rest” notehead.
  4. Ticked the “mute” property (so they don’t sound).
  5. Ticked the “hide stem” property so they don’t have stems.
    Concert Band project beaming question (442 KB)

Hi pianoleo,
You’re a genius, but there’s one step I can’t achieve. I got as far as the very last instruction, to hide the stemlet. My preferences panel doesn’t have a hide stem option. Do I need to install this?

It’s only available in Engrave mode.

That’s fantastic. All sorted. Thanks so much for your help.