beaming rules in unmeasured bars

I am probably being dense but can’t find the answer on a different thread.

I am writing a piano piece in unmeasured bars, which is wonderful because it allows the creation of some really unique rhythmic patterns between the left and right hand (and between two voices in the same hand). this is tricky in sibelius. one has to have a very long measure, hide rests and watch out for the end of the long tricked measure. the problem is that I want dorico to note the quarter note tuplet beams as much as possible and when I have a string of say quintuplet sixteenth notes, it beams the whole string together, making it hard to read and play. seeing the quarter beaming makes it playable. I went through the beaming rules, but can’t seem to find the answer, and maybe I am just missing this.

You can adjust the beamings selecting the notes you want to change and then using the ctrl-click menu :Beaming—Break beams (or beam together). The process is not automated but you can do whatever you want.

yes, I understood that it can be done manually and have been doing so, I have used the mouse and it is very time consuming for now. I do not know what you mean by ctrl-clck menu: beaming:-break beams.

I just meant “right click”… The manual and harassing method you have been obviously using ! On my mac, right-click is obtained with"cltrl-click" :wink:

At the moment you can’t set the beat grouping for an open meter time signature, so you end up with what Dorico gives you by default, which is basically no beat grouping at all: as such, any notes of the same duration that follow each other that are short enough to show a beam will be beamed together. We plan to make it possible to edit the beat grouping of an open meter soon, but I’m afraid it won’t make it into the 1.0.10 update. Until then, you’ll need to use the various controls to break beams etc. as described by MarcLarcher. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to things like Break Beam and Beam Together if you would find that useful.

I have been so busy with learning all of the ins and outs of dorico and what is usable for the moment I forgot that I could make my own short cuts. keyboard short cuts for break beams and beams together definitely is better than using the mouse and popup. thank you.