Beaming septuplets

I have a measure of 3/4, and I’m wanting to do 7 16th notes per 1/4 note. The only way I seem to be able to make the septuplet popup populate the correct amount of time is to do a 7:1 ratio, but then it is fitting 7 quarter notes in the space of a single 1/4 note.

I’m trying to fit seven 16th notes in the space of one quarter note. How do I do that? thanks!

OK, got it. I had to do “7:4 x”. Is it correct to think of that as essentially writing “put 7 notes in the space of a 1/4 note and make them 1/6th notes” ?

“7:4 x” means “put 7 sixteenth notes in the space of 4.” I usually just hit the 4 key first, to select 16th notes, and then type 7:4 into the popover. For me, I find this to be easier than remembering to type the x into the popover.

The concept is “7 sixteenths in the space of 4” where 4 regular sixteenths fit in a quarter.

ah-makes sense. Thanks guys!


The “x” = 16ths. If you don’t specify the note duration in the popover, the tuplet will use whatever note value you have selected.