Beaming (voices problem)

I have imported a StaffPad Drum kit to use in one of my compositions and have a beaming problem, which is to do with a change of voice in the second bar, Dorico has also created some unwanted rests. I have tried to select and beam together but unfortunately this command doesn’t work and I am at a loss to know how to force Dorico not to change the voice in the middle of a grouping. This behaviour does’t happen with Piano so I am not sure what’s going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Drum kits are essentially a “condensed view” of all the instruments in the kit, assembled in one place. Beams can’t go across different voices, and voices in percussion kits are set in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog.

Hi Lillie, Thank you so much for replying. You say beams can’t go across different voices / instruments in percussion kits but in my example they clearly do. Up to the midway point of the staff where Dorico automatically selects a second voice and generates rests and changes the direction of the stems. I don’t have an issue with this happening in StaffPad. I perfectly accept that I am not a percussionist, but this does seem odd behaviour to me. If what your saying is correct then there should be no beaming in my drum kit example at all. Apologies if I am being simplistic in my logic but I am just confused why such a simple thing appears to be so complicated. Thanks again.

The question is why Dorico changes the voice (different VST used to realize the lower sounds?) and whether you can manually put everything back into the Upstem Voice.

Yes, once I turned on voice colours to understand the problem I tried to change the rest of notes to voice 1… Unfortunately I just don’t know how.

It’s different for percussion kits – follow the links in my previous comment to the documentation for the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, where you can control which voice each instrument in the kit is assigned to. You’ll probably find that the instruments that appear in the down-stem voice in your screenshot are assigned to the down-stem voice in the kit. If you want all instruments in the kit to appear in one, up-stem voice, assign them all to that.

Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!! :blush: All the assigned drums had been given voice One, but Dorico had independently decided to apply the top half with up stems and the bottom half with down stems causing a mess in the middle. Anyway thank you Lillie for redirecting me to your original post. I should have reviewed it more carefully.