My eight notes appears as singular entities even though I follow this:
“Beaming:In Write mode, go to Write > Notation Options (or hit Shift-Cmd-N).
Choose Beam Grouping. The first item on the list will allow you to change this”
but nothing changes though I try to make them come in pairs and Dorico claims to have done this for the flow

When I try the other method: “changing the beat grouping of the time signature? You can type e.g. [2+2+2]/8 into the Shift+M popover to produce a time signature that will say 6/8 but which will group eighths in twos rather than in threes”
the popover says 3/4 even though the flow is in 4/4 and it can’t be changed. In defience of this I type 2+2+2+2 anyway and nothing happens.

I feel quite stupid, but can I have some assistance here anyway, please.

Can you zip up and attach the project here? I’m sure there will be a simple explanation for what you’re seeing, but rather than taking shots in the dark it would be easier if you could attach the project so I can tell you right away what’s wrong.

It could simply be that your project was imported from MusicXML, in which case all of the beaming is overridden and determined by the exporting program. If so, then selecting the notes and choosing Edit > Reset Appearance should sort that out.

I tried reset appearance but no.
Here it is.
PS Bye the way, I close it from a big window but it opens in a small one DS (689 KB)

The beams are all overridden, as I suspected, but I was mistaken about the remedy: you can’t use Edit > Reset Appearance to undo beam overrides, and should instead select everything and do Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming.

Thank you Daniel.