It’s not about who’s first: it’s about implementing a feature properly.

I suspect (given Finale’s been ignoring the problem for years) that Dorico might get there first.

Not that I’m biased or anything :smiley:


This has been possible in Finale for a long time, the problem is that the 32-beam stubs are too long… the most common workaround seems to be to lengten the 16-beams and swap the 32-beam stubs (and adjust the rest level) manually. Perfectly doable, but of course a bit tedious :slight_smile:

Jirka1, look at the length of the 32nd beams though - they’re way too long in Finale.

Jirka1, do you read the tempo marking as “Molto Lento e grandioso”?

Here is another secondary beaming question, from the beginning of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata. I would like the beams to appear as they do in bar 2, not bar 1. But I could only get bar 2 to beam correctly by not tying the first two notes together. Does anyone have a suggestion for this?

It is pretty great to be able to have cross-staff notes in a single chord!

If you make the first note in the tie a different voice, then you can get beaming as if they weren’t tied.

You’ll need to remove unwanted rests.

Excellent - it works. Thanks!

You could also select the first and the last note of the beam group in engrave mode and select Beaming > Beam together from the context menu.

Thanks fketlow - I forgot to try it in Engrave mode, and your solution is more elegant (I may have seen this on the forum before, now that I think of it). Interestingly, at the end of bar 3 we have the exact same problem as the original post, so I’m glad the Dorico team is working on this.