beams in 7/8

Hi Dorico Folks,

i’m sure, someone can help me.
When I write a ⅞ time signature, the beam groups are 2+2+3. That’s often fine. But what is to do, if i want other groups, e.g. 3+2+2?
If i use the time signature composer to write 3+2+2/8, ist’s written so - instead of ⅞ (what I wanted), and there are dotted barlines, that i do not want.
Any Idea? I was serching for a long time, but did not find a good solution.

Kind regards

Type [3+2+2]/8 not 3+2+2/8. Note these are “square brackets” [] not parentheses ().

I don’t know why you are getting dotted barlines, if they are appearing automatically. I can’t find an option in Dorico to do that!

[3+2+2]/8 works for me! That’s it!
Thank you!
I thought it should be easy - but i did not find out…