Beams to the wrong direction slurred notes?

I found a small strange situation, then eight notes are slurred at the middle of the bar.
Dorico here suddenly changes the direction of the beam, which I think optically makes no sense.
It’s very easy to correct in engrave mode, pressing “f” but I just wanted to report it, as I assume its maybe a bug…?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-25 um 14.21.22

Can you attach the project itself, ideally a cut-down version that minimally reproduces the problem? It’s not practical to diagnose these kinds of situations from a picture.

To reproduce:

  • Enter any tied value
  • Select the tie chain and Flip

Expected: The stems of all selected notes flip
Actual: Only the first stem flips; subsequent stems must be done in Engrave mode

(I don’t consider this an important issue. I just wanted to clarify how simple the case is.)

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I admit this one has bitten me more than once, and it’s hard to find a logic in it. But Engrave mode is the key.

Edits to tie chains in Write mode in general only affect the first note in the chain – the same is true for changing the tie style to dashed, for instance.

Engrave mode is no longer compulsory since 5.0.20, flipping a tie-chain flips all notes in the chain!