Beat Calculator Alternative methods FYI

For those missing the beat detection tool in C13 here are two alternatives to using the tap tempo feature which has been suggested as the solution:

Project → Signatures → Process Tempo

  • For this first one, set your base tempo to 100. You’ll see why in a sec (optional)
  • Make a selection in the arranger window - This is the section of the song you want to change the tempo.
  • Then go to the process tempo command in the edit menu.
  • A dialogue box appears detailing the length and end bar of hour selection. set the time format for the 'middle ’ grouping to bars and beats.
  • Amend the length or end bar time by selecting inside the panel and typing in.
  • After pressing enter you’ll note the ratio quoted adjacent where you were change. Your new tempo will be (Current Tempo * Ratio). This is why I suggested to have the base tempo set to 100 because then you can figure it out in your head without calculators etc.

Warp Markers (this is my current method):

  • Select 8 bars in the arranger window and choose Project → Signatures → Render audio click between locators (Im showing off now :))
  • This makes a wav with the click bounced down into it for exactly 8 bars (or how ever long you chose)
  • (optional) I like to make a second one where the click only happens once a bar, see below:
  • calculate hitpoints on the resulting wav, then select hitpoints to warp markers. This is why I do one version with click every 1 bar, as i don’t want to warp to that level of detail, 1 bar or to be honest, 8 bars will be fine. I tend to do it per section of the song, verse, chorus etc.
  • Loop this a; the way to the end, select all and choose bounce selection to make one consolidated ‘click track’ which takes me back to my cool edit pro days. Alternatively, you could select all and choose events to part.
  • Now this part is quite easy and almost fun (i think), choose the time warp tool and make sure set to 'grid. You can do this in arranger or editor window. Where ever you have a warp marker, select the place in time on the grid and click(hold) → drag to the left or fight to specify the correct position for that space in time - see image below. Here I’m moving bar 57 a bit to the right as it’s arriving ahead of time (too fast), remember, were moving the grid to match the audio in this circumstance not the other way around. The resulting tempo will be spaced evenly between this warp marker and the previous one.

The Beat Detector was perfect, simple, and fast. I sure would like to know the reasoning behind taking it out. I can’t think of any logical reasons.

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Agreed, a tool that took up one line in a menu and would have paid for itself years ago. I doubt there is any logic. It’s a simple mathematical equation, it must be in a script or code in c12 somewhere. Wonder if I can find it and load some how

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I just don’t get taking away a useful feature. Its like they tried to write all of the code from scratch. I uninstalled C13. I’ll use C12 until it no longer works on my computer. I have begun the long winding road of learning Pro Tools.



Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.