Beat Calculator in Cubase 13


Will you believe me that I tried the method you posted? And that I did find it inferior to Beat Calculator in some ways?

I’m just in hopes some bigger named users have the same complaint… I think the Dev team is not seeing that many of us use it simply as a reference tool for accuracy.

Personally, don’t really care if actually changes my project tempo etc. should it return, just want it to do the math.

There have obviously been significant changes within the Steinberg development environment and I’m sure they are being monitored carefully - Please keep your observations and requests/complaints coming . If they keep up the nonsense of change for the sake of change I’m sure they will quickly see that all the plausible deniability form certain key staff members will not positively effect customer retention nor sales growth - in the long term - good luck Steinberg. Many of us are watching very carefully and with all the choices out there now we will simply change DAW.

History does not reflect your hopes, unfortunately.

I think everyone needs to get a bloody grip frankly. There’s small children dying all over the place ‘n poopies like that. It’s just a tempo track people… The solution which I’ve explained a thousand times is literally the. Same. Thing.
1 you specify a length
2 you reference that length
3 you hit the ok button with your mouse.

It doesn’t matter how steps 1 or 2 are actually undertaken by the user, that’s your problem to manage. You’ll be ok, its all going to be fine.

No. It’s. Not.

I wrote into Club Cubase to ask the guru Greg how he’d handle getting different Bpms for non-rythmic material without BC. He asked for follow up detail, which I’ll see what he answers

But…he did mention the Warp Grid function which I’ve never actually played around with before. For those like me that are often needing to build off one long note or chord playing a tone, this works fast for Midi

  • Record the freely played Midi
  • Open it in Key Editor and click the Warp Grid button (note the Tempo Track will activate here)
  • Decide how long you want the count to be and drag the start & end bar markers in place within the Key Editor.
  • Once in place, click the Key Editor’s timeline within the bars you just set and the project’s Transport will show the accurate tempo.
  • From here, copy that number from the Transport. Turn off the Tempo Track via the button next to the tempo display and paste the number back in as the fixed tempo of the project.

I find I still need to nudge things to get tight but, it works fast and another solution along side the set tempo from events method. Save as project version and repeat if you need different bpms/time signatures from the same source Midi.

I think there are people here that have never used the Beat Calculator answering…

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I used the tempo detection almost every day in my studio Until CUB12. My workflow was listening to my client playing the new song on the guitar and singing. I tapped the space key through the whole song and at the end we’ve had the average tempo of the song for the Cubase project. I still can’t believe it was discontinued in CUB13 .I thought I was the clumsy one who couldn’t find it

The tap tempo was not discontinued. It can be found in the Transport Bar now. So you should be fine.

We others are unhappy that the non-tapping part was thrown overboard by Steinberg.

Yes, tap tempo is there , but it doesn’t calculate the average tempo of several taping in CUB13 , it shows only the tempo of the last taping, or Am I wrong ?

I also am wondering this …