Beat Calculator Needs To Return!

We can’t let this topic die folks. We need Beat Calculator back in Cubase 13.

→ Tap Tempo is NOT a replacement!
→ Fancy tempo detection tools are great but NOT a replacement!

As someone who works with many fixed tempo projects, this omission in 13 has totally bunged up my workflow.

Before I could just open Cubase, freely jam out a phrase a few times in a MIDI or Audio track. Chop the part into a loop. Click on it. Open Beat Calculator and DECIDE MYSELF how many beats it should be and viola, easily got a tempo to build with.

Now I have do freakin’ math with a calculator just to get a track started. Really puts “Creativity First” there Steinberg

For a version release with workflow improvements as it’s focus, whoever decided to omit this very simple convenient function is certainly not the Einstein of your team.


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There are other several threads on this topic. Please, contribute in one the already existing thread instead of creating new one with shady existing topic. Thank you.

Yeah, saw those threads…but still don’t see Beat Calculator in my Cubase !


As I said, it’s much better to use already existing thread. Then it’s obvious, more users are asking for it (because you can see, how many posts does the topic received). But you cannot see how many threads with the same topic has been opened.

Well, nothing personal, but it’s hard to believe that given the other threads exist and now, just downloading latest update of 13 Pro and this incredibly simple function is still not back.

It’s been a basic staple tool of Cubase for years. So basic, it was even available in Elements


…says the person that at one time marked ALL of the Beat Calculator topics as solved, including my feature request topic to bring this function back, and never apologized for it.
And now you are using the word “shady” to describe somebody’s topic title.

Do you know the meaning of the word “audacity”?

Martin, I take you as a nice and generally helpful person but you screwed the handling of BC topics up big time. I advice to not making it worse, “shady” is very disrespectful.

Could have been an auto correct thing.

Hmm, alternative words beginning with sh instead of shady…
Nope, nothing.


This was the case, sorry…

I wanted to say: instead of already existing one.


Stuff like this can happen with me using voice to chat. I get some bizarre conversions sometimes :peace_symbol:

No worries, I took it as a typo… regardless, those who use this tool creativity/experimentally are being completely overlooked & dismissed here.

All the amazing things Cubase can do, and it can no longer do a simple math equation within the app and give you a number on screen.

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I agree. Beat calculator was a great feature. Saves a lot of confusion and self calculating, amending and adjusting to compensate miscalculations made from detection methods on a variety of audio tracks. Please bring back. I came to this newer post in hope there would be new light as the others never resolved the issue nor gave non-lengthy alternative methods that worked as effortlessly as Beat calculator