beat calculator

I had never used beat calculator b4. to day i tried.Tap tempo says to use space bar to tap tempo.But the space bar is set as start/stop by cant tap along to project if it keeps starting and stopping.
i know i could change this in key commands,but why have spacebar as default start/stop?

This works fine for me, are you sure the beat calculator window is in focus?

So you bring up the beat calculator box then press the tap tempo button, then tap the space bar and cubase starts and stops?

thats wot happens yes,and previous poster,the window is in focus

Then that is rather odd!?!

The only time it does that for me is when I forget to press the tap tempo button!

ok folkks i got it sorted.
i was actually pressing ok on the window i needed to stay open,b4 i was thats why start/stop was happenning.

lol, that can happen to the best :sunglasses: