Beat count in Dorico 3

Hi, digital immigrant here and very new to dorico. Wow, what an incredible program! So far I have been able to do everything i wanted to. The only thing I can’t seem to find is this: I use quite a lot of ⅝ bars and would like, in write mode, to be able to adjust the downbeats within a bar. Sometimes it’s meant to be e, 3+2 and sometimes e, 2+3. Is there a way I can change that? It would mean that the rhythm is easier to read. Ties in the right place etc. Thank you :smiley:

You can specify it when you enter the meter in the Meter popover (shift M) : [3+2]/8 or [2+3]/8. Note that in the properties panel, you can hide the time signatures. And that the brackets here DO matter. Hope it helps !