Beat Count

I remember that I once posted the same question, but I can’t find it back. Sorry.
I still have the problem that 75% of the actors I’m working with can’t read music notation very well.
A beat count above every bar helps them a lot.
There is no solution so far for that in Dorico as far as I know.
So I created 4 Playing Techniques:
1 (strange enough I can’t use ‘1’ for pop-over text / I CAN use ‘2’ ‘3’ and ‘4’ but not ‘1’ - it’s not shown in the score. So I use ‘1a’ as Pop-Over Text. Then it’s shown in the score.

That works. The playing techniques are positioned above the beats. Copy- Paste…etc…all fine.
But the horizontal alignment doesn’t work. Even if I change it in the Engraving Options, the numbers above notes are always positioned a bit higher.

Any help / advice for that?

When this has come up before, I’ve suggested using lyrics - it’s a bit fiddly to add lyrics without notes, but it can be done one lyric at a time using the caret, inputting lyrics at the caret position.

Once you’ve added the lyrics 1 2 3 4 on each beat in one bar, you can copy and paste them to all other bars rather than re-input from scratch. Lyric lines are automatically aligned vertically (ie at the same distance from the staff).

As usual Lillie: thanx a lot ! You are fantastic…now I remember…I’m too old. My brains are drying out…