Beat Designer customization. Change name of notes?


Is there a way to rename the sounds and reassign them? Like if I want “Base drum F#3” or whatever?
Perhaps I want to use Beat Designer to control something other than Groove Agent ONE (which can’t find it’s own samples and reinstalling doesn’t help).
Perhaps I will have more than one snare laid out on different keys.
Why do I always have to keep the kick on C1?

I want a free-running pattern plugin to use with drum plugins, but Beat Designer seems very restrictive and I won’t use it if I can’t customize it the way I want it.

What are the alternatives?

Beat Designer gets its map from the VST instrument if it knows it or from the Drum Map. To customise it you’d have to make your own custom drum map.

Beat designer is fully customable but it does not decide which note triggers which sample. This is done by the drum machine plugin that you are using.
For example get your groove agent to trigger the bass drum with F sharp 3 and change the setting in beat designer to follow this.
You can also use get drum map in Cubase 7.5 and beat designer will match the drum machine settings and trigger notes.
Beat designer and the new groove agent are a powerful combination and worth spending the time to get to understand.

Thanks for replies. As I wrote, Groove Agent ONE is broken for me.

Ah drum maps. Never used them before either.
I guess what I was really asking for was a way to do what drum maps do, but inside Beat Designer, or if Beat Designer could get the names of the sounds automagically.
Drum mapping feels like a necessary evil just providing glue between Beat Designer and the VSTi being triggered (NI Battery 3 in this case).
So I basically have to create a drum map for every kit on the VSTi I want to trigger… :confused:

But stingray mentions “if it knows it”… So there IS a way for Beat Designer to ask the target VSTi for the sounds?
Does this happen with Groove Agent ONE? If so, there’s no way to get it with NI Battery I assume :slight_smile:

Yes using drum maps as the glue (as you put it) is the answer, but it is very easy and I do not know of any other drum sequencer that will automatically know what you have named the trigger pads of the drum machine you are using.

If you are using Cubase 7.5 with groove agent one or groove agent SE4 you can use the get drum map function…job done and beat designer has matching names and pad triggers.
If you are using NI Battery 3 this comes with a folder of drum maps for all the presets, again easy just open drum map. Not so easy Battery 4 as you have to make your own drum maps or beat design presets.

I use and love the new groove agent SE 4 that come with Cubase 7.5 and find this a very easy and a quick way of working, also fully compatible with the beat designer midi plugin.

incidentally, could i buy beat designer as a plug-in into cubase elements 7 ?
as well as chorder ?
or would i need to upgrade into cubase 7

IIRC the path to the plugin just said “Cubase.exe” (as opposed to blablabla.dll) so it looks like it’s built-in unfortunately.