Beat Designer D&D Question

well now i’m in front of Cubase 5 at work so maybe its possible with C7 already !!!

is it possible to drag midi event from project window to Beat designer and use it has a loop there ??
for me its easier to play the rhythm i want on keyboard controller contrary to programing into beat designer, i would like to make midi events and store them as beat designer or/and midi loop files for future use.

No, but you can drop an event on Arpache SX in the Sequence tab.

looks as if Arpache Sx D&D works partially too… Drag from project to arpache but not the other way ?

mmm… could be good thing if D&D work both ways !
anyway beat designer is the best for my purpose to store there the rhythms and audition them and then drag to project… meanwhile i’ll store my midi event parts as Midi Loops .
Thanks !