Beat Designer & Groove Agent One

I have a problem with using Beat Designer and Groove Agent One, basically I am using kick drums that are quite long in length, and I want to use Beat Designer with it, but the problem is, when I turn on Note On in Groove Agent One the beats I put in BD are just too short, and they are cutting the kick off in the middle. I know I can solve this with using the One Shot option, but the problem with that is if I do a kick drum roll, the notes all clash together in a mess.

The Beat Designer is setup for 1/16 but is there anyway I can make one bar in BD = one bar in the MIDI score ?

Could you do with using two GAO pads (in one shot mode) for the same kick sound and use a mute group? Use one pad for standard kick and alternate between the two for rolls.


I could do I suppose, I just am used to the Step Sequencer in FL, which puts the notes full length in the piano roll, and if you put another step in, it cuts the note.

Problem is, it’s not just the rolls that are a problem. When doing a 4/4 beat, sometimes you just want to do patterns like this

x…x…x…x|x…x…x…xx|x…x…x…x…x| etc etc

The kicks still clash badly. it’s not a problem drawing in the notes manually in the MIDI editor, but i’d rather use Beat Designer, as that is what it’s for, yet it’s not behaving like a proper Step Sequencer.

Maybe it can be a feature request that when you add a note in the BD, it continues on until you introduce another for that bar, as it should be really.

I’ve found the solution, don’t use GAO :slight_smile:

Poise from One Small Clue can play 1 shots and make then act like note on. Perfect.

I noticed this limitation and many others with Groove Agent One 2 years ago since its release. I have put in numerous feature requests to help make Groove Agent One better but I guess Steinberg doesn’t give a shit as we are still stuck with the same thing as release… no wait… they put mute and solo buttons on the one shipped with version 6. Whoopee. How about some proper layering and cut and paste between pads? Fix the problem noted in this very thread too. Groove Agent One had tons of potential and was I quite excited about it at first. In the end I use traditional samplers for all my drum work as they fare better than the very plugin that is suppose to do drums properly, yet doesn’t.