Beat Designer help ?

So i created a beat using the Beat Designer an theres 2 things im unsure of how to do.

  1. To look at the track it is completely clear. I can hear the sound but there is no physical ‘foot print’ on the track like you would get if you were playing them manually lets say. Is there a way of doing this ?

  2. Im guessing if the above is possible then it will clear this problem, but just in case. How can i get the beat on the track to kick in and end when i want it to. At the min it starts straight away and carries on forever.




  1. Yes, Beat designer is sequencer in the sequencer (or in the DAW). So all events are played from the Beat Designer.You can change patterns from Beat Designer by using MIDI inputs to this MIDI Insert. These MIDI inputs comes from external MIDI device, or from the MIDI track.

You can “export” pattern from the Beat Designer to the track. You arrow on top, left side, and choose “Insert Pattern at cursor”, or Insert Pattern at Left Locator.

  1. You can control patterns by incoming MIDI data from the track. Sou you can switch among different patterns. One pattern is with kick, second one is without kick. Easy as this. :wink:

Thanks mate, I’ll give it a go. Sounds pretty simple. Hopefully