Beat Designer - how do you get it to list more than 8 drums?

I’ve created a drum map for a selected kit in Groove Agent and edited it to show the drums in the order I want. If I create an instance of Beat Designer on the Groove Agent track it now shows these drums in the right order/correct names. But only the first eight of them.

I’ve seen i guy in a vid using Beat Designer where he had a lot more than eight drums listed but he didn’t explain how he did that. How do you do it?

Here is the video of someone having 15 drums loaded into Beat Designer from his drum map.

If i do the same thing i only get the top eight :frowning:

Another vid of a guy who has only five drums loaded - there must be some way to control this but I can’t find it :frowning:

Finally an answer…

I would never have found that on my own in a month of sundays.

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It really isn’t very clear, but if you look at the last of the 8 slots on the right you’ll see a tiny plus sign. That’s the add instrument lane button!

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dave nailed it… the plus sign will add as many slots as you need… I tend to like the 32 bar section over the 16 :slight_smile:

beat designer is great with the swing function on every part! :slight_smile:

If you need to get the beat designer midi onto your arrangement just drag the piano key to the midi section on your arranger. Make sure you turn off the beat designer or both will play.