Beat Designer in 6/8 Meter

Hey Guys,

I’m in Cubase 7.5.

I have a signature track that changes my song from 4/4 to 6/8. In the 6/8 section, I’m trying to use beat designer for programming drums. I have it set to 1/16 notes with 12 steps.

On the main DAW window I have my cursor set to the downbeat (beat 1 of the first measure in 6/8), however, when I hit play, beat designer starts from the 4th step. Every measure is off. I can still program but it makes it harder to look at and comprehend. I’m not sure how to fix this.

Any thoughts?


I have it set to 1/16 notes with 12 steps.

So BD is in 12/16 time, and Cubase is in 4/4.

The downbeats of the two meters will resolve every 3 measures, due to 12 16th notes equaling 3 beats.

You would have to change your initial time sig to 12/8 or 12/16, or,
place the 6/8 time sig at a measure number divisible by 3 (+1), like 4, 7, 10, etc.

I don’t think that’s it, but I might be wrong.

In this section of the song, cubase is in the 6/8 meter. In 6/8 meter, there are 6 Eighth notes per measure. I have configured beat designer to subdivide to sixteenth notes. In 6/8, there are 12 sixteenth notes per measure so I have set it to 16th notes and 12 steps. Is this not correct?

Also, it doesn’t ever resolve. It is perfectly aligned to the 6/8 meter (meaning it looks the same every time the new measure occurs), but each measure starts on the 4th step instead of the 1st.

Weird. Any more suggestions?

How will you ever know?


How will you ever know?

That was actually just a polite and subtle way to say, “No that’s not correct. But thank you anyway for your response.”

Nope, at this section, cubase is in 6/8.

No, like i stated before, it doesn’t ever resolve.

Since it doesn’t actually resolve every third time like you supposed, I don’t think this is applicable. I did try moving the piece to where the change to 6/8 happened at different measure number to see if your suggestion would help. It didn’t do anything.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond. It wasn’t exactly what I needed for this problem though.

Maybe I have both misunderstood and been unclear.

Are you triggering the BD pattern in question on the 6/8 measure’s downbeat?


Double check the placement of the trigger note? Good? No stray note in the track? No?

(edit: for clarity- are you actually using a midi note to trigger the pattern, or simply setting the cursor to beat 1 and hitting play?)

Maybe there is an issue with the sig track then, have you checked to see what happens in you edit the sig or move, or delete and replace?

Trying it here does work, regardless of sigs or number of 4/4 (or whatever) bars preceding the 6/8 (or whatever).

You get it working?