Beat Designer - not copying complete drum pattern.

First, I apologize for not being able to navigate this forum and it’s Topic structure. Each time I would start going through the topics with Beat Designer headings and I’d want to go back a page, it says ‘web page has expired’. I’m not sure if I’d even find my responses if I had to dig down through layers. So this answer may already be there. Sorry.

My question: I’m using Cubase 6.0.6 (full version) and I’ve just started to use Beat Designer yesterday. Nothing recorded yet. (I’ve been a Cubase user since VST32; no stranger to it’s audio sections.) I’ve read all of the documentation on Beat Designer and it doesn’t address this, so here I am.

I’m building a drum pattern for brushes using Bank 1, Pattern 1 (the first key). I’m using a kick and two snares (with brush hits). The pattern goes around fine, so I copy pattern using the dropdown menu and select the pattern 2 key, paste, using the dropdown menu again. What shows up is just the kick drum in the new pattern; the two snare lines are empty. I was thinking that it must have something to do with me re-assigning the snares to brushes, but it plays the original pattern, so this doesn’t really make sense to me either since pattern 1 plays fine.
Any ideas???

I’ve heard there is a bug with this. It was on a video tut I saw on Youtube. No idea if it’s been fixed or if it pertains to what you’re trying to do as I don’t use BD much.

I have experienced this for years back when Cubase 5 was just released. Apparently it was never properly replicated at Steinberg and therefore has still not been fixed.

You are not the only one experiencing the above, that is for sure.

Thanks guys. I’ve just emailed another guy who does the workshops for Cubase in the Toronto area. I sent him this post and replies. Hopefully we’ll all get an answer. I’ll post it when I do. One of the techs from Germany is going to be at the next workshop at the end of this month so I should have an answer by then for sure.
Thanks for the input.

Been using Cubase Studio 5 for years. Beat Designer does this stupid thing to me all the time. The problem is real. :exclamation: