Beat Designer Problem in Cubase 5

Here’s an overview of my problem:

The probably I’m having is that the 1 beat in beat designer isn’t lining up with the 1 beat in my track and I know why it’s happening I just don’t know how to fix it. Everything is fine until the time signature changes in my song and then I want to bring the drums back afterwards but the beat I place on the 1 inside beat designer doesn’t play until the 3 in the bar of my track.

I’ve tried googling to no avail. I guess Cubase counts beats instead of bars and because of the time sig change, it thinks bars are starting 2 beats later than they actually are for the rest of the song. Even though I know exactly what the problem is, it’s hard to explain neatly which is probably why google isn’t working so I hope this makes sense and someone’s run into this before.

Somehow adding 2 more beats in would fix the problem but that’s not really an option since the whole song is recorded and the drum track is the finishing touch.

Here is a description of the exact scenario if that makes it more clear:

My cursor is at bar 54, and the time line is zoomed enough so that i can see the beats in 4/4 between 54 and 55. Beat Designer is on in the midi inserts with a kick drum on the very first beat. I press play and the cursor moves off beat one, past beat two, and the kick drum finally sounds on beat 3. I put my cursor back on bar 54 beat one and click insert pattern at cursor. On the midi track I can visually confirm that the kick drum is in the right place on beat one. I can turn off Beat Designer and listen from the top of bar 54 and the kick is right on the first beat. If I turn back on Beat Designer it plays that same kick on the third beat and everything after that is two beats behind.

If I really have to I can just make the drums without listening to the music and insert them in because they’ll be in the right place ultimately, it’s just much easier, efficient, and inspiring to be able to edit them in real time to react with what’s going on in the music.

I feel like there has to be a way around this because changing up time signatures shouldn’t be the end of the world, I’m just not seeing it.

Thanks for your time

Lol welp, it’s 2016 now and I’m running into this same problem. I never did figure out how to fix it so I was happy when I just googled it and found someone was having my same issue. Then I was sad when there were no replies … then I was sadder when I realized I was the OP and didn’t even remember. Hello to future me in 3 more years when I’m back on this page still looking for a fix :nerd: