Beat Designer - project synchronization with new signature

Hi all,

I have a problem with the beat Designer (Cubase 6.5) when the signature is being changed within a project.

For example, the first n bars are created with a signature of 7/8. Then it moves to a 6/8 beat.

My problem is that after changing to the new signature, the beat designer does not start at position one, but somewhere else with the first beat.

Moving left or right (‘shift left’ or ‘shift right’) does not solve the problem, because it moves only the beats, but not the synchronization with the signature of the project.

Does anyone know this problem and have a solution to change this behaviour? There should be a way to synchronize the beat designer with the project signature or somthing else …

I hope, I could explain my problem very well …


Beat Designer is synced with the project NO MATTER WHAT, as far as I know. Im taking a stab in the dark here… are you sure you have it timed correctly? Beat Designer is grid sensitive. Maybe enabling the “now” tab in Beat Designer would fix it?

Sorry if this doesnt help.

Thank you for your answer. But the signature change in the project is absolutely correct and synchronous with tempo changes also.
I also was thinking that the beat designer is grid sensitive, but on a signature change there seems to be a problem with the synchronisation.

The ‘NOW’ button is not a solution because - as I know - it is just for triggering the beat designer patterns if you do not want to transfer the drum patterns to the midi line.

thx anyway :wink: