Beat Designer

Hey to all,

When using Beat Designer, how do i pencil in notes with a consistent/constant velocity level, say for example each one at 100% ?

Also, how do you guys sequence your drums ? I’d like to know

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Peace

The closest way to do this, that I know of is to click down on the first block in the line and then move it up and down so you see the color changing various shades of red through yellow. Once your vertical mouse movement is controlling the velocity, get to the velocity you want and then move your mouse across the line horizontally. That should change all of the blocks on that line to the same velocity.

As far as how I sequence drums… I usually start in Beat Designer. I press play so the Designer will feed me back what I’m doing while I do it, of course. Sometimes I end up making a copy and pasting to a new section and making some little changes. Fine editing in Drum Editor.

One thing that gives me cool ideas, if I am just messing around looking for ideas… I use Beat Designer on a basic drum kit, make an off-kilter beat, something odd, and then cycle through drum libraries, like in Battery. This is cool particularly for working with weird kits, because all the eclectic noises can kind of overwhelm you when trying to make something… so you end up with something to play with.