Beat division

Hey guys, so… when I write a measure in 5/4 and I wanna write 8 sixteen notes like 4 notes on one beat and 4 notes on the next one, I can’t. Dorico writes all of them together :neutral_face: why??? please tell me there is an easy way to solve this, it is very annoying. Thanks!

Put in the meter like this: [1+1+1+1+1}/4

It will read as 5/4, but give the sixteenths in groups of four:
Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 9.41.09 PM


Thank you! But is this the only way? There should be an easier, faster solution as well…also why doesn’t Dorico just read the 5/4 as a normal 4/4 plus one, I guess 99% of people wanna use it that way…

I would wager a lot of people view 5-beat measures as 3+2 or 2+3, which makes Dorico’s approach highly useful.

To echo Derrek’s reply - 5/4 is normally seen as a mix of 3+2, or 2+3. Think Take Five - 3+2. 4/4 + 1 won’t give the emphasis of the (uneven) half bar. What you want is actually the outlier - not a bad thing, but less commonly seen.

I suppose there could be another way, but really is [1+1+1+1+1]/4 that much work? :wink:

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One problem with [1+1+1+1+1]/4 is that straight eighth notes get all 10 beamed together. It would be more useful and more standard if n/4 could group 16ths in fours by default the way 4/4 does.

Whenever this comes up I find myself wishing for a feature to freeze existing default beam groups, so they are unaffected by a meter change.

I don’t know how difficult either of these ideas might be to implement.

Mark - hadn’t realized that. I only looked at the 16ths as per the OP. It would make sense, as you point out, to have the /4 beat kept distinct. After all the 1+1 etc., implies, if not demands, that each beat be separate.

Well, if you wanna write fast it is. I had to look up what the command for a bracket is and to type everything down. I thought maybe there was a way to separate the groupings into beats with just a key…if I remember correctly Finale has that option. Not here just to hate on Dorico, it has multiple things that I like! But I think they make some basic things over complicated, when the approach should be that if you wanna write something complex and rare well that’s when you go to the Forum :sweat_smile:

But thank you guys for the help!!!

If you just want to split beams, there is a command for that (right-click on a note), and that suggests you could create a shortcut to do it with a single key-combo.

The meter popover is very flexible and you only need to learn one syntax (which makes it fast). For example you could do [2+2+1]/4 or [2+1+2]/4 or [3+1+1]/4 to get different beam groupings.