beat group: ⅜ meter as six 16ths like Bach

I’m copying Bach lute music so as to write my own editions. I just tossed Sibelius after 16 years, now I want to use Dorico. Bach implemented ⅜ meter as 6 16th notes with one unbroken beam. How do you do that? I can’t find an answer in the docs or videos. I’m probably asking the wrong question.

Hi! Welcome.

Which part of doing this are you having trouble with? The rhythm, or the beam? If it’s the beam, the global option is located under notation options (cmd shift N on Mac). Click Beam Grouping and play with those options. If you need to manually select something and beam it together, make your selection then go Edit > Beaming > Beam Together. I set a hotkey of " / " for this because it comes up a lot. Good luck.

Also, in the future, attaching screenshots to your post will help us out to understand what you’re going for more quickly. All the best and welcome.

Doesn’t a meter setting of [3]/8 (with the bracket) give six 16th with an unbroken beam?

I get best results using [3]/8 in the popover (with the square brackets). Then, Dorico does the beaming more like one compound beat.

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Derrek! You rock! Just like that! [3]/8. Thank you so much! I’ll be back.