Beat Groupings Above Time Signatures

I am new to the forum and Dorico, although I am quickly becoming familiar with it due to the hours I’ve spent on the tutorials, website, forums, and recreating scores to practice. I have not been able to figure out beat grouping signaling for players. I understand that if I do [3+2+2]/8, I would still get a 7/8 time signature, but it would be grouped the way I want it. I also understand that the signposts will tell me what the beat grouping is. That’s not my question. I am looking to see if there is a way to add the beat grouping to the top of a measure to show the player or conductor what the beat grouping is. So, instead of using a text box like I had to do in the screenshot, (even that was a headache because I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to input a dotted quarter note), I would like to input the beat grouping already set for me based on the signpost data. I hope this makes sense!

There’s no automatic way to do this. But MusGlyphs would make short work of it.

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Either Metrico or MusGlyphs can do this easily.


Just using characters from Bravura Text (right click to open the music text dialog) works as well

I downloaded your font, Dan! Is there a guide to using it?

That’s what I did, but I couldn’t find it.

There should be documentation included with it. It’s meant to be as intuitive as possible: in this case, something like (q.+q.+q)