Beat lines not barlines

Just coming over to Dorico after many years of deep Lilypond experience, so just feeling my way presently. The composer whose work I engrave uses beat lines not barlines. This is often seen in Modernist scores. How can achieve this in Dorico? Rather than provide a project - because I don’t know how to do this at all - I have provided an image of the first page of a string quartet. The page is in 4/4, but the mensural style beat lines are effectively 1/4 - a line per beat in the bar. The bar is indicated with a thick barline.

That’s done with Lilypond.

Just purchased Dorico yesterday. Sure hope there is a way to do this.

Good news! This is easily achievable. Check Notation Options:

Ah thanks. That’s not the issue. Maybe I was not clear.its 4/4 but beatlines at crotchet intervals.

Oops, you’re right, I missed that… sorry! I think this is still easy. Set the first bar to 4/4, 1. Then set every subsequent bar to 1/4, and hide that. Should work.

A single hidden 1/4 in the 2nd bar should be enough, shouldn’t it?

I guess bar numbers would be thoroughly wrong. :grimacing: You could add bar number changes, it’s just a bit of extra work.

Do the regular barlines every four beats work ok with that Notation Option? I’m not in front of a computer to check, or I would’ve suggested the same thing.

I think the problem here (and I see Pianoleo has the same thought I have) is that barlines are either between staves or through the staves, but you cannot mix both notations (yet), AFAIK. I hope this will considered by the devs as a new option…

The other types of barlines seem to have their own placement rules. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any settings to modify the short (centered) which would have been nice in this case… :slight_smile: