beatmapping and key changing

Hello everyone!

I have just started recording using cubase 5 (all on PC) SoundForge 7 and trying to use Reaper… couldn’t get/find a decent version of Acid that works. Plugins Im just using Waves bundles and install when needed.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if not please tell me where to redirect it and again, thanks in advance for the time!

I haven’t had any problems with recording, everything tracks well. I have been trying to add breakbeats, loops, dubstep, etc type thing that I found using Iphone 5 apps, but run into the problem of not being able to switch keys (alot of tonal pitches seem to be in C) along with that tempos on most tend to stay the same… common being 120bpm.

I was wondering how I can change both tempo and key and then plug them into cubase (or whatever anyone recommends) along with that, I did one song that turn out fairly well for a first time using an older Boss drum machine, but did it manually. I know but haven’t the equp to start with midi but was wondering if instead of using an external drum machine, if someone could lead me into a program that can do the same thing? that way, it would make the whole copy/paste project WAY easier. I have a link if anyone is interested to show what I’m sorting going after, but being a first timer at this, Im sure this will all morph into something better. and where to go to get different and less generic samples, loops, etc. I’m mixing the styles, yet I’m more a rock player (guitarist) I have tons of experience with recording live instruments, esp acoustic drums so Im not looking for just basic hiphop beats, but more with fills, odd meter switches, etc.

if anyone can direct me, this seems to be the place to start! Thank you again for the time and such a wonderful outlet of a forum!

if interested, here is a starter idea I tried, but it was all VERY manual! lol