Beatmaster track deleting after save

Hi, I am running Cubase 6.5 on win 7 32-bit laptop and I have just made a track using beatmaster. I basically created the loop on beatmaster and then created a loop in the main window and then selected “fill loop” from beatmaster far left drop down menu. And it did. I edited loop with volume automation. And I turned off beatmaster using button in “midi insert” where I loaded beatmaster and it played fine. I saved everything and exited the programme and when I reloaded the program the track was replaced by a single continuous line on a single note on the midi file.

This is so frustration because it is the third time I have tried fixing this and it keeps on happening every time. All the other tracks are fine and when I make the adjustments it all works fine but just doesn’t save on exit.

I would be so grateful if anyone could shed any light on what I am doing wrong.

Many thanks in advance.