Beatz Poetry

I’m still writing poetry. Having fun with samplers.

Used a variety of iPad apps, especially Cubasis.

F-f-f-f-f-far out Ted! :sunglasses:

Glad you liked it.

This is great!

Ted I have always enjoyed your poetry, but this is the first time I have heard you perform your poetry…well done.


Thank you! I’m trying to work out the mechanics of doing this sort of thing live at some open mic poetry coffee houses.

That would be good fun. What kind of set up are you thinking about? Would the backing be prerecorded? Would you modulate the sound live in real time? Ok, I’ll stop with the questions, but do tell more…

Stand in front of a mic with my iPad. I have a Blue Spark Digital mic that uses the iPad digital connector and provides gain, volume, mute and stereo out. Practice the timing with the looper, slicers and filters. Try to pull it off live, no pre-recording. Just started practicing. This will take awhile. .

Remember Jack Kerouac and the beat generation (“beatniks”)?

@steve. Really? Don’t remember that. I,d swear I listened to SondCloud before I signed up.
@Brihar - thus the title Beatz

Do you see the wave form? See the big play/pause button on its right? If so click that. Sometimes it defaults to playing and you have to click it twice. I thought Sound Cloud was platform agnostic. It works from my desktop IE where I am not logged in.

Gotta agree Steve, been listening to Soundcloud for a few years now and so many posts on Cubase lead you to it. By the way Surfer, that is interesting stuff. My guess is you’re out on the west coast? In Pt Pleasant, NJ there is a place ideally suited to your coffee house plan… In case you decide to visit :wink:

I’m in Phoenix but I was born and spent many years in Cali.

Aloha T,

Nice. Very very nice.

I remember reading your work from a couple of years ago.
Very moving words.


Aloha T,

Nice. Very very nice.

I remember first reading your work from a couple of years ago.
Very moving thoughts/words.


Thank you for the kind words and thank you for reminding me of that older poem. It is one of the better ones.

awesome text!
I have always believed that the text is the meaning and the meaning is the most important part of the message. Since this can affect the real root of consciousness :slight_smile:
I think you need to take part in a group and share your poems through music.