"Beautiful Day"

Yet another of my client Matt songs given a “Sherz makeover”.
Looking to get the final polishing done on this one soon so any helpful ears on the mix, as always, mucho appreciated! :smiley:



Very nice. I’ve got no its on the mix, Ian. Everything is clear, the bass has sufficient fullness and presence,
Nothing is buried, the vocal is slightly prominent, which I believe they should be on a tune like this.
This made me smile. It’s the kind of tune (where his daughter sings "I love you Daddy, you’re the best)
that may be a bit embarrassing for her, if not now, then in her teen years - but as she grows older she’ll
probably play it all the time with pride.

I can’t help but notice that it’s very similar to my song ‘Just Passing Through’ from Box o’ Chocolates, not in chord structure, but in rhythm and theme - although mine is slower. (and I think mine is just a little less ‘Brady Bunch- Sunshine Day’…just a little) :slight_smile:

Here’s my tune - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=661971&songID=10379564

I don’t have any nits about the mix either, except possibly some automation on the lead vocal during the choruses – it gets just a tad buried at those points.

It’s not a mix issue, but the drum fills at about :50 and then at about 2:30 didn’t quite work for me.

Cheers Lenny… will pass comments on. :smiley: Yeah, I remember your song… it certainly does share a related theme. I always loved the Beatlesque arrangement on that one… and your vocal was fab too! :sunglasses:

Cheers Doug :slight_smile: … will revisit those. They’re Jamstix creations. I must admit that as good as Jamstix is, taming it’s fills is always a challenge. There’s so many friggen adjustments/parameters to tweak… :confused:

I have to say I’m HUGELY relieved no one has mentioned the snare… yet… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi pal!

Pass on my congratulations. My only thought - viz-a-viz compression - is that if there was a chance to give it some room to breathe - some air. Sounds a trifle missing some dynamics to me / my ears.

But… :smiley:

Hi Ian

I quite enjoyed this. Made me think of Robert Shaw.

My initial thought were it sounded a tad congested and needed a bit more space. I also felt at times the groove wasn’t quite there between all the parts. This was most noticeable in the intro IMO and sometimes later. I might be being a bit fussy here. :wink: :laughing:


delightful tune, can’t help but feel better, lol. lovin the playful piano dancing along.

Where’s my reply gone? :imp:

Decent song Ian. Sounds fine to me :sunglasses:

Not my cup o’ cha, but ya done good.


By the end of the tune, I wanted to duct tape the kids and stuff them in a closet. :mrgreen:

No nits on mix, here. :sunglasses:

I think that was Matt’s intent with this one. He was a little uncomfortable when I threw out his guitars and replaced with the piano… but he got used to the idea soon enough! :smiley:

Cheers Phil!

Yeah… this song won’t be for everyone. :sunglasses:

I think I’ll refrain from passing that particular feedback on! :laughing:


Nice I like it love the deep bass. It got my wife dancing too