Beautiful help function in Dorico 5.1.40

I just want to say: a great help function in Dorico 5.1.40 ! Well done!


I’ve tried it on the iPad too… and the results were weird. The internet page could not be reached (error 404), and Dorico keeps telling me I should rename the file… I’m going to reboot the iPad to see if it changes anything :wink:
I’m very happy that the popup hints are back when you hover over buttons (I don’t remember their proper name)
Rebooting the iPad did not solve the issues…
It seems though that modifying the timing of my tremolos (which were stupidly fast) did solve the issue… That could have something to do with the memory of the iPad? I suppose to many notes per second is a heavy load. Changing that and using PianoTeq instead of Ravenscroft seems to ease the situation.

I Concur!
Lovely addition.

The iPad manual isn’t as up to date as the desktop manuals, so some links won’t have iPad equivalents yet. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Lillie, you are doing a great job! This feature is very helpful.

Thank you, but all credit for the contextual help inside Dorico itself needs to be directed towards Daniel – I just gave him some links :slight_smile:


Okay, then: many thanks to Lilly for the wonderful manual and to Daniel for making it available from within Dorico!