Beautiful Waveforms!

Please make waveforms smoother and more accurate. The way they’ve done it in Ableton and even Pro Tools. Make the waveform in clips/events beautiful please! Also please get rid of gradient in events. Thanks.

Edit (Aug 2019): Studio One now has anti-aliasing on waveforms.

Yes please!!! Gradient in Events makes neither aestheticly nor practically any sense. It rather makes it hard for the eyes to look at the waveform.
Apart from that, getting rid of gradient event display would make it more coherent with the overall flat look of C 10.

Here is another post about the awful gradient overlay topic.

lordExtra- wanna chime in? :slight_smile:

No, no ,no. Cubase Waveform is far beautiful than PT and Ableton.
The most beautiful Waveform is in Logic Pro. They smooth and clean. Thecan also make the clorless like in Sonar

If you completely lower the value of waveform outline in the preferences and brighten it, you get pretty much the logic waveform.

Cubase can do better. Also the color palette intensity and brightness affect event color and channel/mixer colors together. There should be separate color controls.

Ps: please get rid of the gradient! :pray:t3:


+1 yes please implement an option to get rid of the gradients



Great. Studio One 4.5 now has anti-aliasing on waveforms–like Ableton. Steinberg, come on!




Please, for god’s sake, include anti-aliasing on waveforms in v10.5 update. Also please fix the event gradient/3D mess.

For me theres nothing wrong with the waveforms in cubase. Looks and fells good to me. Did not like it at all in PT or Reaper. I’d rather have a fast reacting functional window when using 100+ tracks than ultra nice looking fancy waveforms/graphics.

Well, nobody is asking for better waveform display at the expense of performance. Ableton, S1 and other DAWS do this without a hit to performance. Now that it’s full HD, why not Cubase?

And having flat colored events rather than the gradient 3D mess is not about more fancy graphics–in fact it’s about minimalism and simplicity.

Then please add a switch to turn that on/off, I like the waveforms as they are now.

And yeah, if anti aliasing then without affecting the performance. When having recorded and heavy edited Drums even tiny things like waveforms can have an impact on the performance. Already now the display lags a little bit when having lots of slices.


Cubase looks rather amateur in comparison to these other DAWs in this way. Cubase already has a slow GUI in certain ways and situations (at least on Mac) – other DAWs don’t…better-looking waveforms shouldn’t affect performance.


I could care less, all I want in this life is a smooth play cursor @ any zoom level.
Sorry I could not resist, any gfx enhancements that utilize hardware acceleration and is not lowering performance, is welcomed.