Beauty Full of Soul (01o)

Right, I’m at that point again, doesn’t sound too bad here. But it’s the old setup in a new room so wouldn’t mind some extra ears on it. See the old thread for the breakdown:

Click on the Cactus Juice link below.


Yes, this sounds much better! :sunglasses:

Good song.


Thanks, Wim.

Bump, you others

Which version is it, the one that appears in the player or the one below? Either way, the mix is way off. Rhythm and bass are in your face but the drums and horn are shucking corn. :laughing: :mrgreen:

There’s only one version up (01n). “Shucking corn”? What’s that hillbilly talk? What are you listening on?

[Edit] Oh, see what you mean - they’re both the same.


What Nate says is basically correct. The guitar and bass are much fatter than every thing else and tend to swamp the sound field. No doubt the y sound good individually. It might just be a case of getting used to your new room or you might have a hole in the low end at your mix position.

I like the tune


Bloody 'ell, see what you mean. Just tried it for the first time for several days on another tune. Maybe wasn’t mixing with the volume up enough, either. Better get it sorted then.

Right, hope that’s better. Quite a bit wasn’t so good once the bass disappeared. Same place for the link. Cheers, C

I’ll have to listen on the monitors tomorrow, but through phones the drums are way too buried (especially the cymbals), vocals are too in front and those plasic horns are cheesy. Can’t comment on bass until I hear it through monitors, but it’s sounding kind of buried too.

Oh, b0ll0x, doesn’t sound good, does it. I need to find a good mix engineer cos i’m just no good at this…

Keep trying, how else are you going to get better? If at first you don’t succeed… .

Thing to do is put a mixdown onto CD and play it via as many different devices as possible. When you reach a happy medium, you’re set.


Some of this mix is just an over reaction to the previous one. You’ve over corrected on some things. It’s a problem I have myself sometimes. Nate offers good advice but it’s also worthwhile making smaller adjustments, take a few days away from a mix, work on something else, then come back and listen. In fact you already did this earlier in this thread and heard your own mistakes. If you can hear them then you can get it right.

This is a big lesson I’ve learnt. I get engulfed in a song, eq this, compress that, set that level… “Yeah that sounds great”. Tweak a bit more. “This is really good” I say to myself. Stick it up on the net, then there is a reality check. “OMG what on earth was I doing? Take it down quick before anyone hears it.”

I guess there can be several factors to this. Inadequate monitoring, a poor room, lack of experience or just being too close to the song to be objective.


Wise words Dave.

What Dave and Nate are saying. I leave a mix for a few days too and come back to it (usually on headphones), errors leap out at you, you make a note and correct the mix. Few days later, same thing, etc, til you KNOW it’s better. A game plan beforehand is good too, sort out what you want to hear in the song as it progresses, sometimes you can just drop a fader cos you had it too loud in the first place, sometimes a particular part needs automation as it’s at that point in the song where you want to draw attention to it. Sometimes there’s an irritant in there that maybe needs eq, or you’ve too much FX on a part, and on and on it goes. Build a song map in your head (or on paper). If all else fails, maybe you do need it mixing professionally but don’t give up on it too soon. Put up a fight :sunglasses:

Best of luck, we’ve all been there and will be again :imp:

I know, it’s exactly what I would have said myself. Thanks for the encouragement but I fear some of us are just not engineers…