Because of SSL UF8/UF1 -Hotkey to change fader bank

Unfortunately, despite the latest version of SLL 360 software (v1.6), the track can now be followed - but only within a bank, e.g. from track 1 - 8. If you want to go to track 43, you have to jump manually to bank 41 - 48. That’s sad.
I’m looking for a way to do this within Nuendo using a shortkey. You could find a solution using Elgato Streamdeck, for example.

Is it possible to send something to the UF8 / UF1 via a command / shortcut so that it changes a bank up or down?
If this option existed, it wouldn’t be difficult to write something so that you can jump from banks 17 - 25 directly to 65 - 72. Regardless of any position. Without having to press up and down on the UF8/UF1 for a long time - directly into the right bank,
(As a remedy for the inability of SSL. Sadly, Presonus or Aura nektarine shows that their small controller Classic can do it via Mackie.)