Become a Steinberg Solver?

A few days ago I got an invitation to join a Steinberg program that would support product development. I took the online survey, which contained a lot of questions that appeared to be oriented to screening the applicants - fair enough.

But there was no subsequent follow-up. Can we be expected to hear something back one way or the other? I don’t have a problem with being rejected based on some screening criteria, if that’s what’s going on. But a response one way or the other would be appropriate. Or, is Steinberg just accumulating applications and will respond at some later date?

Anyone from Steinberg know what’s going on with this initiative?

Got one here though unfortuantely the questions were all in German which I don’t speak or umderstand so couldn’t answer or respond to it…

Actually, now that I recall, I tried first to do the survey using IE 11. None of the check boxes were visible. Switched to Chrome and had success.