Been a while

Hello again after at least twelve years…

Last time I posted here was back in the days of yore, or VST as it was then known. Youtube tutorials etc didn’t exist, in fact youtube didn’t exist. I wonder if any of the old school are still around and recording? I have been, in my small but perfectly formed purpose built studio which resides in my garden, but I’ve been using Cubase 2 since 2004 and have finally this week snapped out of my luddite ways and upgraded to 8 pro and a new computer. So I reckon I might be here a lot, quizzing all and sundry about what’s been happening to Cubase in the last decade, and how to deal with it all.

Cheers, Hodgheg.

Aloha H,

And welcome to the board. ‘É Komo Mai’!

Cubase 2 eh? Wow that brings back memories.
Anyway here is a thread that talks about past users on the board.

Might help you a bit to get caught up.

Good Luck!