Been getting please! (SOLVED)

I did a clean re install of Windows 7 and did not allow any updates wharsoever and now my puter and Cubase is running like a dream…go figure…I wonder what microsoft is doing to windows 7 in order to force peeps onto 10…

So you’re using the Yamaha N8? I see that that are several updates for steinberg audio interfaces do not know if the N8 is one of them, but if Steinberg has new drivers I bet Yamaha has them to :wink:

I did some homework for you:

Really apreciate what you did my friend…thank you, I will install these updates but LM is telling me my system cannot handle real time audio etc when the N8 is not even switched on…
fingers crossed…


My understanding is that Latency monitor has become more popular than DPC Latency Checker checker by TheSycon because DPC has not been properly updated to reflect true latency timings since WIndows 8 (I think). If you are running Windows 7 as per your signature, I would always recommend trying DPC latency checker, because it is a fabulously immediate graphic representation of any regular or irregular ‘spikes’ in your machine’s ability to run realtime audio or video without stuttering. (I would recommend it even if you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 10 for its key property - the ability to show you if you have a troublesome device that is causing spiking.) Google TheSycon if you’re interested.

The reason why I think this might be useful for you is because of what you describe: no latency problems at first, but then they occur. With DPC latency checker running, you will be able to look out for these ‘spikes’ in your machine’s ability to handle audio. An i7 2700 equipped PC has without question got the grunt to run Cubase well, so there’s something - a driver for your wifi, or your bluetooth radio, or your ethernet interface - that is messing you up. It might be something about the usb ports you are using; swap your peripherals around, or remove them one by one and watch DPC latency checker while you do so.

I apologise if you’ve been through all this already, but I can’t recommend DPC latency checker enough because of its immediacy and it’s instantly understandable graphical feedback. Good luck.


Yeah thanks Steve, I had no idea what to do so your instructions are welcome, I’ve updated my N8 (which was nice) but still have the same problem…
gonna try what you suggest…thanks.

Kevin :slight_smile:

So is this weird ? LM says my machine is having trouble handling audio and is way in the red, DPC latency checker says my machine can handle everything ok and is in the low green area…what the heck!!


I’d suggest running DPC latency checker for a good few minutes - just keep it going on screen, and see if you can do something to cause spikes. Keep DPC open and go on the internet, or open Cubase. You’d expect some spikes when, for example, opening a program, but see what happens when you start using your machine. See if you can get to the point where Cubase starts skipping audio, and look at DPC - if there’s no spikes showing, it’s possible there’s a different issue causing your machine problems.


+1 for this… dropouts sudden. Just a little window telling us it’s a dropout. No extra info (hint for cubase update).

Do you guys have less problems when going back to cubase 7.5?

Ran DPC latency checker for 30 mins…went on the net, opened cubase, did all sorts of stuff but the green bars stayed well under 500 no matter what, but if I run Latencey mon it tells me immediately that my system cannot handle audio and other tasks and it’s way into the red…is latency mon reliable? or is DPC latency checker wrong?

Hi miqer…couldn’t go back to 7.5, I’d miss render in place too much…

cheers guys,

Kevin :slight_smile:

Check the Drivers tab in LatencyMon to see what has highest execution times. This will tell you what you might need to look into.

ATAPI driver extion has the highest execution time followed by
Kernal mode driver framework runtime USB 1.1 and 2 port driver…unfortunately this means nothing to me…

does it actually mean anything bad?

thanks for looking in…

Have you got up to date usb drivers for your motherboard? Might be important, especially if you use a usb - connected N8 as your soundcard.


I think so, if I right click on them to update drivers it says ‘windows has determined that the drivers are up to date’

Hi Kevin,

Windows cannot (in most cases anyway) know about your motherboard drivers, and second but not least a system bios upgrade may also be needed.
If you do not know how to accomplish these updates seek out for help, these are thing which are riscfull but needed.


Oh…didn’t know that, I’ll look into it…thanks… :slight_smile: