Been using 7.04 for a few days. Liking it!

Installed 7.04 on windows 7, 64 bit. Downloaded and installed with no problems. Been using heavily for a few days in real paying sessions. Stability has been very good so far. Was using vari-audio a lot yesterday. Sound quality seems better than in 7.02, especially transitions between notes. New mixer graphics are clearer and knobs scale properly (and don’t overlap). I get a bit tired of reading some posts that say Cubase 7 is unusable. Maybe for some with a pet feature it is, but for me, it works well. I use plugins from Waves, Ik Multimedia, UAD, Native instruments etc. Some with jbridge too. Ed

For me it was absolutely unusable. On my mac I was getting the intermittent interrupts so I was forced to continue using 6.5. They just released a switch that corrected the problem on my computer so I can finally use it. I’m glad that you haven’t experienced any problems, but for a lot of us, it wasn’t so.

lets keep this a feel good thread just the way you want it ed . :wink:

Ive had absolutely no issues from day one of running 7.0.4 including the Uad6.5 plugin’s ,everything is running so sweet im scared to ever update C7.0.4
it’s all gravy this end :smiley: :smiley:


well of course it’s not perfect. but I’ve never seen complex software that is… but i’m running some decent sized projects (40+ audio tracks, lots of vsti and plugins) and no obvious problems. Using 2x motu 2408.
on a side note, I bought a better graphcs card than what I had before, mainly for cuda acceleration in sony vegas. so my mixer doesn’t feel sluggish. the card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 460v2. it has a fan but a quiet one… well worth it. Ed

Despite the MC issues it’s running well. Just one crash but I believe in a vst issue. :slight_smile:

Been using 7.04 since release without any problem here too. Today I’ve loaded and worked on multiple projects in 32 and 64 bit without any crashes or issues whatsoever, stable and good workflow. I am very happy with C7 now and like it a lot.

And here comes the negative post!
I ve lost samples in Padshop since upgrading from 0.3 to 0.4. Allso several presets in mediabay says samples are missing. Please reinstal software. Rescan do not solve problem.

My only problem is I cannot read the full title on the channel tracks unless I expand it very wide, 7.02 does not have that problem, but 7.03 and 7.04 both do. I even tried a complete uninstall and then reinstall but still the same problem.
Is anyone else having this problem and are there any work arounds or things I can try. Thanks, Greg

remove the mediabay 3 file from you user files and place it somewhere else and reload Cubase to see if that sorts it out .

why o why don’t people just start a new thread instead of moaning on someone’s feel good thread

You are right Filterbreak.
I found a thread by Helge “missing content solutions” on C7. Thats was the issue. I should have read that one. Cheers for an excellent Product.

For me it was unusable on my Mac until they released the “switch”. Now it runs fantastic. I was finally able to uninstall 6.5 and I’m loving the new mixer and features in 7.04.