Beep sound on buses always on the same measure

Hi all,

I hear a beep sound on Cubase that is coming out of the group channels always on the same place, measure 9. The thing is that I hear it even if I have all my VST desactivated. There’s nothing playing, nothing activated. I’m using a heavily modified BBCSO Pro template. But the only thing that I modified was adding new instruments and eq to the existing ones. The beep is coming out of all the groups of the families of instruments like Winds, Brass, Strings, etc.

I’m on a run as I have to make an work for the university and right now I can even start with this issue.

Thanks in advance!


Please make sure, you have no plug-in in Demo/Trial mode installed.

I think not. The last thing that I modified from the template was adding Cinematic Studio Brass this week. It runs on Kontakt Player. Before that, there was no issue.

Please double check. A beep at intervals is a very common feature of trial and demo versions of plugins.

I can only think of two things that I do not have license to use them, but I don’t have any of those in my template. One is Virtual Stage 2. The other is the content from Dorico 4 that for some reason Cubase says that I don’t have license for it (I already reported this issue and I’m waiting for the fix).

Just in case, with all instruments desactivated, I’ve checked all the channels groups and vfx. In those I only have the reverbs that were in the original template: REVerence and Roomworks.

Again, I did a project last week were everything was fine. Then I added CSB in Kontakt, I had then a couple of issues that at that moment I fixed and now I have this. The other issues that I mention was that when I added all the instruments and I started to edit the Channel Settings, suddenly I got no sound from all the routed that comes with the template. Then I checked that for some reason, when I opened the Channel Settings of one instrument, the routing of the Track Monitor to the Stereo Out was broken. Easy fix.

Then I had a problem with the ASIO driver as it didn’t recognise my audio driver output (although it did recognise the input). Easy fix, I just use my own audio driver.

I’ve telled all of this just in case it has something to do with the beep sound.

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